Common Problem of Notebook Battery

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The most problem faced by notebook users is battery issue. There are three options that is usually used to solve common battery problem: use a continuous charger cable, buy a new battery, or buy a new laptop. But of course these options bring a new problem in financial issue. The last two options even need more budget than a new notebook.

Almost every notebook battery will suffer from a problem called the memory effect if you keep filling it without making the battery fully charge. Certain time later, the battery will not remember that it has unused capacity and will be discharged faster than the first one. Letting your battery completely discharge at least once every month is the best way to keep your notebook from having memory effect problem. You can do it on your holiday, weekend, or your spare time among business day.

Make sure you remove the battery if you don’t need to use it because the battery will be discharged even it wasn’t used. You cannot use your notebook in the future if the battery discharge occurs in your notebook.

A battery may also suffer from the problem if you let it totally discharge outside of the notebook. You need to check your battery frequently even if it’s in the box. Otherwise, it will not work when inserted back into the notebook. You must remove the battery and let it cool enough before using it again because a high temperature can affect your notebook battery. It may also be damaged if you keep removing it frequently. You should replace one battery if your notebook seems to be damaged by a defective battery. It’s not difficult to find out which one is more important. In addition, a hot battery is pretty dangerous as general device will be broken if it’s too hot.

The several points can be the first aid for notebook battery issue. In addition, there is already evidence that some notebook manufacturers have battery recall due to prematurely loss of strength, which unfortunately will require more attention and expense to take care of it. You, as a prospective buyer, are expected to learn the necessary knowledge of notebook battery before buying a notebook. Don’t let you get stuck and cannot do more works after buying a notebook.

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