Advantages of Notebook over Desktop Computer

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Probably you have known in advance that the desktop computer, which includes a variety of advantages and features, is the first appeared instead of notebooks. As we know, the usefulness of desktop computer is much needed by many people. Ranging from students who need it to help their research and work, parents who are looking for the information for their family goodness, children who love to play games, until the elder people who are looking for their activity in their old age. It’s still going on until the notebook is presented and gradually replaced the role of computer. Computational activity is still required, but flexibility is also much required in the same time, as time goes by.

The presence of notebook is represented a technological advances, but a notebook is worth when it can be mobilized. We can also get some benefits offered by the notebook rather than desktop computers such as its mobility which can be used anywhere, even some notebooks provide exciting and necessary features for busy person. We can see that the basic tasks on computer can be well done on the notebook. The system can also be adapted to the user needs such as an integrated webcam, maximum screen visual with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), and even a number of notebooks use the user’s face and fingerprint as a password to login, so that everyone cannot access their notebook.

Notebook capacity can also be customized by users. As example, a choice to choose hard drive capacity which can be coupled with external hard drive when needed, or the ability of a battery which can be added when it achieves the desired length of time. Notebook also enables wireless internet access through Wi-Fi hotspots and its portability which allows you to add the main advantage. At this time, a 250 GB storage capacity on a hard drive is a common thing.

We can see today that there are notebooks which are intended for business, or gaming notebooks which are configured for hi-end gaming, a designing application based notebook, tablet notebook for easy portability, or even a low budget notebook for student. There are still many other types of notebooks available for various purposes. So, no need longer to choose one by one of the hardware manually, just simply by choosing the right notebook for your need along with the device and its features.

Another advantage of notebooks is that a notebook with its accessories can be obtained easily through the internet and online electronic stores.

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