Notebook vs Netbook

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After the appearance of a notebook which is more flexible and sophisticated than a desktop computer, now the newest release of a netbook makes many people compare it with notebook. Even though it’s often said that a netbook is smaller and more affordable than a notebook, but there are still some differences between them. Here below are some differences between notebook and netbook.

Notebook has more function than netbook. It can be used for various computing activities which includes watching video or playing games, while a netbook has limited performance to do similar works. Generally, a netbook is used for official lighter work such as typing or doing research task instead of entertainment activities. It’s good for students who must do their homework and assignments.

The next difference is their size. Notebook generally has larger size and heavier weight. For those who travel frequently, a netbook is the right choice. Or if someone likes bringing a small bag but still want to be able to do his job anywhere, then a netbook is also good for him.

Netbook has similar battery life with notebook. But because of its limitation in using heavy application, netbook battery becomes more durable than a notebook. Notebook are often used for heavy application like games, DVDs, or other heavy softwares, and it makes the battery life quicker decrease.

Another difference is the screen. Notebook has larger resolution than a netbook. But lately, the notebook is more sophisticated in visual term because some notebook manufacturers are presenting LEDs as their screen technology. So at this time, notebook is superior and better in visual term.

Even though a netbook has cheaper price than notebook, it’s still excellent for web browsing and e-mail avtivities, but not for designing or games. If you want to do multitasking work, or need more powerful performance, faster speed, and bigger memory, then notebook is the best choice.

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