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Asus N53SM is the most capable processors from Intel drive diverse, thrilling adventures, high productivity and memorable moments. The N Series has the power and seamless capabilities with all new 2nd Generation INTEL® CORE™ Processor inside to achieve and enjoy more with great efficiency and a smooth user experience.

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Features and Advantages

The N53SM is owed as a premium multimedia notebook and has the design to compliment the claim. This is high quality build, the chassis is solid as a board and there’s no flex when pushing down on the palm rest. The N53SM is average for a 15.6″ notebook it’s only weight 6 pounds and 1-1.5 inches thick. There is a large access panel on the bottom of the chassis allows you to access to the two memory (RAM) slots and the 2.5″ storage drive bay. The battery is removable.

The ASUS N53SM has a regular number of ports for a consumer notebook; it has two USB 3.0 ports. For watching DVDs or burning files to discs, this unit is equipped with an optical drive. The N53SM is presented with one screen, a 15.6″ panel with a glossy surface and 720p (1366×768) resolution.

The speakers are noticeably superior to notebook speakers. ASUS worked with Bang & Olufsen to create this system and it’s well done. The speakers have adequate volume to entertain while watching a DVD. This unit’s speakers have depth and a touch of bass, unlike stereotypical notebook speakers with flat sound.

The N53SM equipped with a full-size keyboard with separate numeric keypad. It provides a pleasant typing experience though it lacks backlighting. There’s plenty key travel for good perceptible feedback and no noticeable keyboard bend. The layout is as expected with no keys in unusual positions. The touchpad is regular sized for a 15.6″ notebook and has an excellent matte surface.

The N53SM does well with cooling, even under full benchmarking load this system remains room temperature. It is only the area around the fan on the left side gets lukewarm. The single fan is large and almost too quiet while performing most tasks. It runs faster while playing games but doesn’t become annoying.

The battery is life for five hours during the standard battery run-down test. This is an upright time for a desktop replacement notebook. The N53SM is a well-formed notebook with the exception of the screen, which ultimately kills the deal. A higher-resolution screen is compulsory future the thousand dollar variety. The 720p glossy panel in this unit is no better than those included in notebooks half the price.

Otherwise the N53SM has good features for it including good looking design, solid keyboard, pleasant speakers, and five hour battery life. Performance is fine for casual use but devotees will wish for more graphics power and a faster hard drive (or SSD).

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Though there are some goods and lacks of this Asus N53SM, further research of this product is recommended before you decide to buy this product or not. This product is not a PC game, so it may be not enough for those who love games, but if it is only for typing documents and play musics, this PC is good enough.

Asus N53SM4.75admin2012-07-17 08:29:25Asus N53SM is the most capable processors from Intel drive diverse, thrilling adventures, high productivity and memorable moments. The N Series has th…

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